Simple solutions to complex problems

Life is simpler with Simple Trees

Enhance the visiblity of your information and increase productivity with our high performance Microsoft Dynamics CRM components. Our suite will help increase productivity, make your data more readable and visual, and most importantly are easy to use and easy to configure!
If it's not products you're searching for we also offer consultancy services to help tailor Mircrosoft Dynamics CRM to suit your business needs.


Simple Suite

Simple Suite comprises of a package containing all of our components for your use. This includes our free Traffic Light and Tree View controls


If it's something simpler you'd like, or you just want to trial some of our Simple Suite components we have some free components for you to download.


Outside of product development we also offer a consultancy service. Get an expert onsite now to help you deliver your MS Dynamic CRM projects

Simple Safe

Worried about your confidential data? Are legal and compliance issues preventing you from moving to the cloud? See what Simple Safe can do for you!